Home Point Packages

Nest products

Home Point Standard

  • Smart Bridge
  • 2 Pico wireless remotes
  • 2 visor clips
  • 5 in-wall dimmer switches
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • 2 SnapPower LED guidelights
Home Point Standard Package

The Smart Bridge along with the app for Caséta Wireless are the perfect foundation for creating a connected home. Monitor and control lights and temperature from anywhere or have them adjust automatically with the timeclock feature. Create personalized scenes to control multiple lights together at the touch of a button, the perfect light for watching a movie, entertaining friends or going to sleep.

Lutron’s in-wall dimmers bring a new dynamic to any room, allowing you to adjust the lighting from dark to dazzling and everything in between. The mood is yours to control with ease and accuracy.

Clip the Pico remote to your car’s visor to turn on multiple lights on those after dark arrivals. Lutron’s Pico Wireless Remote can be paired with one wireless dimmer or programmed to a group of wireless dimmers to create a “scene” to light a pathway from outside your home all the way to the kitchen.

For years, energy-conscious consumers had little choice: They could set their thermostat to one temperature during the day and another when they came home from work. This sometimes meant returning to a house that was either too warm or too cold. The Nest Learning Thermostat not only allows you to regulate the temperature of your home from anywhere with the swipe of your finger, it also learns your preferred temperatures and intuitively adjusts to them throughout the day.

No one likes stumbling around in the dark. The SnapPower Guidelights allows you to gracefully navigate your home without fumbling for every light switch. After all, looking for a late night snack shouldn't cost you a stubbed toe or two.

Home Point Plus

Home Point Plus includes everything offered in the Home Point Standard packages, as well as:

  • 1 Nest Protect - smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
  • 1 Nest Cam Indoor
  • 1 SnapPower USB charger outlet cover
Home Point Plus Package

Is it smoke from a fire or dangerous CO from your gas furnace? The Nest Protect smoke + carbon monoxide alarm knows the difference. If a burnt lunch activates the alarm, you can easily silence it from your smartphone. But in the event of an actual emergency, Nest Protect detects smoke and carbon monoxide and lets you know with a clear, human-like voice and alerts your smartphone, using the Nest app.

Curious about what your new puppy is up to or who is eating in the living room and dropping crumbs on the floor? The Nest Cam eliminates the mystery by enabling you to check on your home 24/7, wherever you may be. It’s like being at home without being at home.

USB chargers are like socks - invariably, you're going to end up losing a few. With the SnapPower USB charger outlet, this will be a problem you can place in your rearview mirror. A bonus: Its elegant, space-saving design means you can charge more devices at one time.