Accessory Dwelling Units

What is an ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU), also known as a backyard house, guest house, or casita, is a small home that can be built on the same lot alongside another, larger single-family home, or as a part of a community development. They are self-sufficient dwellings and contain a kitchen, a living area, bathroom facilities, and a bedroom. Genesis Homes designs and builds detached ADUs, which are complete standalone units ranging from 435 sq. ft. to 660 sq. ft. Accessory dwelling units can be used in a number of different ways.

Long-term Rental Unit

ADUs are becoming more and more popular as rentals, especially in densely populated areas where affordable housing is scarce. Because the unit is completely self-contained, detached ADUs provide a great living experience for both tenant and homeowner, while providing affordable housing where there may be limited housing options.

Vacation Rental Unit

In popular destination locations, ADUs are being used as vacation rentals across the country.

Aging in Place - Granny Flat

More and more senior adults want to continue to live independently as they age, as opposed to living in costly facilities. ADUs allow families to stay close to their loved ones when they need extra help, while giving the older generation independence.

Art Studio / Home Office

ADUs can also be used as extra living space for the primary residence. Many people use it as a studio, home office, or space for the kids. They are a great way to increase living space square footage, without undertaking a major construction project to add an addition.

Micro Communities and Developments

ADUs can be an affordable modular solution for Planed Micro Developments within cities and townships where zoning and other regulations allow them.

Affordable Living

Zoning laws will vary by municipality, but some areas of the country are relaxing restrictions in an effort to attract more affordable housing opportunities. Our ADUs will provide more options for consumers who seek to live in certain locations and at price points they desire.


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Champion Homes Accessory Dwelling Units

Why Factory Built ADUs?

Our line of ADUs are built in more than a dozen manufacturing facilities and can be shipped to 48 states. The unit is built in a factory, then delivered to the building site where the builder will install it. There are many reasons why offsite construction can be superior to site-built methods.


One major benefit of offsite construction is that the home is built indoors. This means it is protected from the elements, water damage, and mold while under construction. This also protects against theft and other construction site problems that can arise.

Economies of Scale

Our nationwide factory network allows us to buy materials such as lumber in bulk, which keeps everything affordable.


Factory-built ADUs have the potential to be completed a lot faster than their site-built counterparts. Our ADU units can be built in the factory in a matter of days, and installation by the builder can take a few days. The faster the ADU is completed, the quicker you can move on to your next project.

Unique Features

Floor Plans

Genesis floor plans are designed with purpose and the user experience in mind. Conscious choices including high ceilings, window placement, separated bathroom and bedroom, and more create the optimal living experience for all involved.