Energy Efficient

Energy efficient homes the Champion way

At Champion, our embrace of “green construction” practices for manufactured homes and modular homes not only results in a process that’s better for the environment, but one that produces a better homeowner experience across a range of floor plans.

Our energy efficient homes feature a combination of heating and cooling systems 20 to 30 percent more efficient than standard homes. They also include high insulation requirements, low-E windows and a tight building envelope to keep the elements outside while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

Energy efficient homes that don’t mean changing your lifestyle or paying for expensive new technology and building materials? It’s possible with the energy efficient approach of Champion’s green construction practices.

Champion focuses on energy efficient features and practices that make the biggest impact.

Resource efficiency

Creating resource efficient designs and using resource efficient materials maximizes construction quality while reducing the demand for vital natural resources. It also means reducing job site waste by creating an effective construction waste management plan, leveraging available recycling facilities and taking advantage of markets for recyclable materials. Efforts such as these allow us to reduce waste by at least two-thirds, reducing the burden on landfill space.