Construction Process

Factory built housing: the modern construction process

Odds are, every home you’ve been in has featured the same elements that go into manufactured homes and modular homes. In fact, home builders have used factory assembly for years to improve the construction process for components such as pre-hung doors, windows, cabinet modules and roof trusses.

The only difference with Champion homes is scale: instead of smaller elements, we expand the scope of the manufacturing process to include large, energy efficient modules built in dedicated facilities. From pre-wired electrical and rough plumbing to finished carpentry work, these modules are delivered to your site with up to 80 percent of the home already complete.

Building Process

A house on the assembly line

Inside a Champion facility

Our manufacturing facilities are designed to optimize the construction process. Craftsmen have access to tools, jigs, tables and material handling equipment that allow us to craft high quality, stronger, more durable structures. Such equipment is simply not viable for on-site construction. What’s more, our facilities protect building materials from the elements and other issues.

Champion manufacturing plants have approximately 20 to 25 workstations on the assembly line. In addition, there are multiple worktables and jigs where smaller components are put together and delivered to the assembly line with the use of overhead crane systems. Each station is equipped with the tools and equipment needed to complete the work within the station and increase the efficiency and quality of the workforce.

Constructing a Champion module

A roller system moves each unit down the assembly line, where additional components such as exterior and interior walls and roofs are installed. A variety of other tasks are also completed, including painting and cabinet, door, window and fixture installation. Systems such as plumbing and electrical are completed and tested, too. Interior and exterior finishes are applied and the modules are ready for transportation.

In addition to our own quality audits, third-party federal or state inspectors examine the modules at multiple stages of the process and certify that each home exceeds the appropriate building code.

Completed home modules leave the factory on a steel chassis and are delivered to the building site where they are installed on one of three foundation types: pier, crawl space or basement. Siding and trim are added to complete the exterior. Inside, some drywall and trim work is necessary to complete the walls and ceiling sections where the modules meet.

Creating something special

The site work is coordinated by one of the retailers or home builders you purchase the home from. They use their own employees, subcontractors and local utilities to complete other items such as concrete flat work, porches, decks and garages. They also hook up the home to power, water and sewer systems.

This collaboration and craftsmanship results in manufactured homes as elegant and distinctive as the luxury automobiles and high-end computers also produced with the assembly line approach — an approach created and perfected in the United States of America.