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Smarter, faster, more profitable building.

Modular construction is the modern solution

As one of the nation’s largest builders of modular homes, Champion's modular construction is the modern solution that delivers a smarter, faster and a more profitable alternative to traditional site-built methods.

Building faster means building more often … which translates into swifter returns on your investments. Whether your projects require single- or multi-family homes or you're building in subdivisions or urban infill, it's TIME TO TRY MANUFACTURED AND MODULAR.

Modular construction is a process, not a style

A misperception exists that “modular” refers to a type of home or building. Modular actually refers to a construction process in which large components are built in a manufacturing facility and shipped to the project site. Architecturally, modular construction has very few limitations and can be used for a variety of housing styles, commercial structures and multi-family designs.

Modular construction offers key advantages

Building in a controlled environment with a team of skilled craftsmen has many advantages. The structures are stronger and more durable; building materials and finished modules are protected from weather-related damage that can lead to costly rework; and modules are continually inspected to ensure quality and that appropriate residential or commercial building codes are met.

Modular construction solves on-site problems

With approximately 70 percent of the structure completed in the factory, modular buildings involve fewer onsite inspections and have less exposure to bad weather. In addition, the chance of material theft and vandalism is reduced. Fewer subcontractors are needed, construction noise is minimal and a lower carbon footprint are just a few of the other benefits.