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Fast | Affordable | Attractive

Genesis Homes is the builder developer channel of Champion Homes. We are a leading manufactured homebuilder with a national footprint producing out of 43 factories. Our mission is to serve your next development with products that are fast, affordable, and attractive to give you your best return on investment.


Our factory-built process can save you on average 12 weeks compared to the site-built timeline. Our homes go through multiple quality checks throughout the process, and the result is comparable to their site-built counterparts. These homes are delivered on time and within budget.


We can save you a starting percentage of 13%. With our building process, we save you time and money while also mitigating weather delays, labor shortages, and material waste. Our predesigned floor plans and architectural fees are apart of our process, which saves you money and time.

The average Genesis price per square foot is $125 compared to the traditional site-built average of $144. In addition, your homebuyers will qualify for traditional mortgages making our homes more affordable than ever. For financing resources, click here.


From single-family solutions to tiny home developments, we have the offsite construction opportunity for you. Our national footprint allows our dynamic builds to adapt to different market areas.

Our single-family manufactured homes can be built to CrossMOD™ standards. This ensures homes will meet MH Advantage™ specialized financing. Whether you are focused on Manufacture-to-Rent or for-sale developments, our solutions can fit your needs. We also have the capabilities to build IRC modular homes that are built to state and local codes. We have a lasting reputation with building strong and attractive modular homes.

We don’t stop there; we offer tiny homes, and accessory dwelling units as well. These models are trendy, attractive, and are a great way to maximize profit by using your land as efficiently as possible.

Energy Efficient

At Genesis Homes, we're not just building homes, we're building a greener future. Our HUD and modular building methods ensure a significantly lower carbon footprint, thanks to efficient design and environmentally friendly practices.

We prioritize sustainability in every aspect of the construction process, from the materials we select to the way we assemble our homes. By incorporating recycled materials, we reduce waste and conserve natural resources. With our predesigned floor plans, we also cut down on waste before construction even begins.