Single-family, The Ridge

Single-family, The Ridge, Williston, North Dakota

Single-family modular homes

Champion offers single-family modular homes with a variety of floor plans and styles — including ranches, cape cod and two-story designs — across a full range of price points. Modular construction is ideal for scattered sites, subdivisions, planned unit developments (PUDs), urban redevelopment or infill and more.

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From the city …

As large cities age, builders look to modular construction as an alternative to traditional construction. It allows them to work within constraints that challenge traditional techniques while accelerated construction timeframes, minimized waste, reduced noise and traffic are just a few of the reasons why to go the modular route.

… to the suburbs …

Modular homes are a popular choice for subdivisions. Whether it’s entry-level or custom homes, Champion has designs that can be customized to meet your specifications … architecturally suited to the character of almost any community.

… and the country

Champion modular homes can help you transform rural parcels of land into beautiful properties. And since most of the home construction (70 percent) occurs off-site, there are fewer subcontractors to locate, schedule and supervise.

Single-family, Penrose, Detroit, Michigan

Responding to the challenges of urban redevelopment

There is no environment more challenging to traditional construction than urban infill. When on-site construction occurs in these settings, builders must deal with a host of obstacles:

  • Storage: There is little room for the space required to both store the building material and protect it from the elements. Material that is stored must be secured or it may be subject to theft. With modular construction, we can generally get you under lock and key after the units are set.
  • Parking: Because of space constraints, workers often must park in remote areas, delaying production and impacting efficiency.
  • Safety: It can be difficult and costly to maintain a safe site with some in-fill situations due to the proximity to neighbors, pedestrians using the sidewalks and other factors.
  • Noise: In some cases, work time must be limited to minimize noise and disruption to neighboring residences and businesses with traditional site built construction. Modular construction mitigates most of the noise and disruption and will be greatly appreciated by the surrounding property owners.

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Multi-family residence, Kirkland Townhomes

Multi-family modular homes

Champion has a large portfolio or successful modular multi-family projects. Modular construction may be the solution to reduce your design and engineering costs, accelerate completion time and generate revenue faster.

In addition, with our modular process, the majority of the vertical construction costs are predetermined and will minimize your exposure to cost overruns and other unforeseen expenses that are all too common in traditional onsite construction.

Our design and engineering team may be able to work with your existing multi-family design and translate it into a modular solution.

Contact us to learn whether your concept will work using a modular system. We can work with you to develop a modular construction quote so from there you'll be able to determine if the modular process can enhance your bottom line.

Modular construction makes it possible

Modular residences are completed in a factory to adhere to local codes (exceeding fire, safety and sound attenuation requirements) in less time and with less cost than traditional building methods. Add greater quality control, the fact that they’re energy efficient and the elimination of disruptive noise, traffic and storage requirements and you have the perfect solution for any situation, be it in the city, the suburbs or out in the country.

Smarter, faster, more profitable building. It's time to try MODULAR!

If you're a developer, reach out to our experts for your next single-family or multi-family home or subdivision project.

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